Eight years ago today the first release of WordPress hit the interwebs. On May 27th, 2003 Matt Mullenweg first posted to the WordPress development blog that version 0.7 was available. Just for fun, the release post included these bullet points:

* Texturize (formats things like curly quotes),
* WordPress Links,
* XHTML 1.1,
* Highly Intelligent Line Breaks,
* New Administration Interface,
* Manual Excerpts, and
* New Default Templates.

Since that post there have been 14 major point releases, hundreds of contributors, and millions of downloads. Including hosted WordPress installations, WordPress is running on more than 45 million websites right now. That’s a lot. It’s actually difficult to verbalize just how far WordPress has come since that day in 2003. Perhaps the best way to illustrate what has been done is to jump into the comments ourselves.

What has WordPress meant to you since you started using it? How long have you been using it? Leave a comment sharing a bit, as a way to wish WordPress a happy eighth. Here’s to the next eight!

Bron: WPCandy